advertising systems

Our advertising systems adapt to your ideas – in line with the season and the trend.

Fitness is a lifestyle.

And in addition to a job and your own four walls, another pillar in the everyday life of millions. Innovative interior design in combination with a wellbeing factor and entertainment are all the more important for a unique training atmosphere.

Starting in the exterior area of the studios and extending to newly used advertising spaces on walls, ceilings and floors and the perfect spatial concept and visual highlights: today, a gym is a second home.

– High-quality aluminium frames for insertion of textiles with flat piping for walls (one side), ceilings (suspended), room dividers (both sides) and much more.
– Base sheets: from simple guidance systems and 3D graphics to training instructions.
– Innovative advertising signs
– Display window letterings
– Banners in all designs
– Individually printed lighting elements as eye-catchers