9. September 2016
Fabric – flexible & stain resistant
9. September 2016
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In the studio

Our advertising systems adapt to your ideas
– in line with the season and the trend.

Everything so that you look good.

You know your customers and the products you offer – we ensure you look good in the process.
And make sure that your studio can be adapted at any time, in just a few
steps, always with a first-class look and feel, with high-quality materials.

With our advertising systems you are flexible and quick – when something changes in your gym or club, all the advertising measures also change with just one touch. Without having to reinvent the wheel.

1. ALU-Star® 23 (covered on one side)
2. ALU-Star® 120 (incl. frame LED lighting covered on both sides)
3. Digital print sheet
4. ALU-Star® 120 (room divider, covered on both sides)
5. ALU-Star® Cube (lighting element)
6. ALU-Star® 120 (training instructions, covered on one side)
7. ADwalk floor sheets (guidance systems, device descriptions)
8. ALU-Star® 100 (incl. frame LED lighting)
9. ALU-Star® 46 (covered on both sides on pedestal)
10. ALU-Star® 46 (ceiling hanger covered on both sides)
11. Contour-cut Dibond sign
12. Milled Plexiglas letters