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Key criteria when selecting artificial grass

Its environmental properties and the minimal need for care has led artificial grass to becoming increasingly popular. However, in this new and as yet unregulated market, there are some suppliers offering artificial grass at very low prices. In these cases, substandard materials and cheap production methods are usually being used. This is why we are offering some tips on how to choose the right artificial grass.

What you should look out for when choosing artificial grass…
The quality of the blade of grass is particularly important for the durability and convincing colour of your artificial grass. The fabric that the blades of grass are woven into and the composition of the backing will also have an enormous effect on the final result. Ask your supplier about the products used. Then you can check whether the artificial grass has been manufactured using materials from proven reliable and traceable suppliers. Ask about the technical specifications, guarantees and test certificates, so that you can compare products. Most artificial grass looks good, but appearances can often be deceptive!

Would you like your grass to still be a luscious green and look healthy and freshly mowed after years of use?

Then make a thorough comparison between the available products
– dtex values =weight of the blade of grass in grams per 10,000 linear meters. > The higher the figure, the better the grass blades will stay upright.
– Number of stitches per m2.
– Number of fibres per stitch.
– Are the blades of grass UV-resistant and what tolerances are permitted?
– Total weight of the product per m2.
– Weight of the fibres per m2.
– Underside of the artificial grass.

Artificial grass inside your premises
This is not a problem with Lion Turf artificial grass. Lion Turf is one of the few manufacturers to have subjected all their products to fire-safety tests. A certificate was awarded following this. This means that the fire service also permits the use of Lion Turf artificial grass inside.
So this extremely robust artificial grass can be used without hesitation across a wide variety of areas in your fitness centre. Perfect for crossfit and functional areas.
Our artificial grass can also be supplied “custom-made” with lines, numbers, circles and boxes added.

This small but significant detail should not be forgotten when laying artificial grass in your fitness centre. The next frequently asked question is: “And how do I keep it clean?” It can easily be vacuumed and, contrast to wool, it can be cleaned with water and cleaning agents.

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