25. July 2016
26. July 2016
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counter system Pillar


counter system PILLAR from LÖW – Fit in Design

PILLAR stands out for its clean lines and shapes. It’s modular construction means it can be assembled in a very short time on site. The interior is well-thought out, functional and designed to meet your needs, and it is ready for electric cabling and other installations.

All the relevant additional features such as drinks dispensers, dishwashers, refrigeration modules, stainless steel trays and sinks, coffee makers and other special requests can easily be incorporated into it. As well as wood, glass, stainless steel and stone, we also use Corian, and we can carry out your own material specifications in every detail.

We can produce counters to fit the planned available space that will meet all your requirements, in consultation with you and your staff. We are always flexible during the development phase, and we are happy to either prepare proposals or translate your own ideas into reality, producing detailed plans with a 3D-view after your order has been placed.